E C H O : A Two-Person Show


I will be showing my work alongside Carolyn Hazel Drake in WOMXN HOUSE’s inaugural show August 15 - September 8.

Through repetition and materials, we both recreate and translate echoes of what once was. Carolyn’s work focuses on the legacy of people and I the legacy of place.

Thursday, August 15, 2019 from 7-9 PM
3636 N Mississippi Ave,
Portland, OR

If you are unable to attend, you can request an online preview.
All art is for sale.


This exhibition features the artwork of Claiborne Colombo and Carolyn Hazel Drake. Both artists are recreating an echo of something that once was - not a direct representation, but a translation. This echo morphs and changes shape as it moves through space and time. The artwork of both artists has a repetitive nature but one that is not perfect nor machine, rather human and imperfect. Both artists incorporate the ideas of deconstruction, the demarcation of time, and repetition as meditation.

Carolyn Hazel Drake’s work is rooted in nostalgia, seen through the lens of the conceptual underpinnings that are grounded in being a woman. Her work acts as a record of words not said — making space for meaning. Claiborne Colombo’s work takes the viewer on a journey full of fluctuations, pauses, crossroads, and moments of discovery. Her dashes, much like Carolyn’s stitches, act as a marking of time. Her pieces are about movement and creating energy through the travel of her created spaces.

“Be what you are, of the earth, but a dreamer too”
– Mary Oliver