Everyday Rituals

Sage from Sisters, OR

Sage from Sisters, OR


One of my goals this year is to have a more dedicated sketchbook practice. I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated with my painting series so getting back into drawing from observation seemed like a useful activity. As I was drawing this sage bundle that’s in my studio, I was thinking a lot about rituals. As artist, we talk about the daily rituals that help us establish our creative space and initiate our practice.

The ritualization of the mundane invites the mind to settle into the body. It creates opportunities to get quiet, to feel honestly, to look inward in a world that is begging us to look elsewhere. Over time, it can help us connect to spirit and share it with those around us.

– The Spirit Almanac


I am unsure of how this practice will inform something more significant but I see a path, and it’s calling me to move down it. There is a nugget. A piece to explore. Keep drawing. Research rituals.