Banff Week(s) 3+4

Well things have picked up quite a bit as as we progress into the final two weeks it feels crazy to me that I am start to think about wrapping everything up. But before I skip ahead here are my top 5 for the past two weeks.


1. Pause, A Break
We did a group show. By we, I mean 4 painters and 1 drawer. All femme, all good. We were surprised by how well everything came together. 

Collaboration by  Sema  +  Veronika

Collaboration by Sema + Veronika

2. Open Studio
Last Wednesday we had a self-directed open studio. Geo-Time residency was winding down so we decided to open our doors and peek our heads into each others spaces. We got to see everyones progress on their own work and also talk about our own. Very refreshing to have these conversations. Also, I sold some art!


4. Reinvigorating Work
While work was up in the gallery and then for my open studio I took a semi-pause. I went to the library to get all new books and inspiration for the paintings I started next. I stretched two large canvases and started 16 new large paper pieces. I am trying to plan out the rest of my time here so I don’t create more of a mess. I will say though I am loving spray paint. Luckily there is a separate booth for that.

4. Ramen
The cafeteria and restaurant are my main sources of food and serve pretty basic stuff. Not much flavor or too much of the same types of flavor. This week, I got to eat ramen! It was so good to get that spicy broth and noodles. Craving it all the time now.

5. Studio Parties
We work all day in solitude so socialization and hanging out is a must. Work hard, play hard sums it up. We’ve had some solid hangouts/parties. So. Good. Geo-timers headed out this Saturday and so we had one final hoo-rah with them Friday night. I danced my face off and Karaoke happened as well. Yours truly did not grace the mic but made up for it with dance moves. I will miss my ladies dearly. Global friendships, here we go.