When it just feels right.

You would think it would be obvious. I have worked in mixed media since the beginning. Only recently have I been painting in solely watercolor. I have loved exploring and seeing where this abstract venture would go. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone - going full abstract changes everything. Some pieces worked better than others... some just felt flat. At first I thought I was just not used to working in only watercolor but then it hit me.

What if the watercolor was just the beginning. What if it was the foundation of a piece?

I want to keep moving forward. Is going back to a medium an easy fix or is it building on all my experience and developing my work even more? I've been thinking about it for the past week or so and this weekend I've finally had some time in the studio to sort it all out. It started with sewing yesterday and then today I went all in.

Bring out the YES! paste and the beeswax and let me at it.

God, it felt so good to be working with these materials I've been so intimate with. Honestly, I feel like I am back home after being on a trip. This visual comfort is so nice.

Hello mixed media, welcome back and I love you.

Collage materials: beeswax, pressed flowers, hemp, gel medium, yes paste, thread, oil pencil, and thoughtfulness