¡ O L E !

S H O P  
N O W  O P E N

spontaneity sometimes opens up a whole new dimension to your work – in this case, becoming a small business owner.

a couple weeks back i started making small paintings. they allowed me to work quickly and explore new mediums and form. the more i did them, the more i fell in love with process. i was posting my progress on social media and i was getting some really positive comments [insert vibrating heart emoji]. people started asking me if pieces were for sale.

one thing that bothers me about fine art is how unaccessible it can be from a monetary perspective. i am in my late twenties and i find that i have definitely transitioned out of poster covered walls and want to fill them with higher quality work. in theory that's nice but in reality it's really *&$#ing expensive - don't even get me started on framing.

light bulb on! why not sell these smaller paintings? from a price point perspective, they are more affordable and from a production standpoint, they are sustainable. i like the idea of seeing which ones people gravitate towards as well. i definitely have my favorites. since they are abstract they sort of act like an inkblot test. different people gravitate towards different forms.

so now it's time for the real stuff – like figuring out a business plan.

U P D A T E : 3.16.15

lucky for me there are others that believe in the making art more affordable. i've partnered with simply framed – they offer quality framing at amazing prices. definitely something i can get on board with. plus they have some really awesome articles and spotlights on artist. worth checking out.